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New Puppy Shopping List

Bringing your puppy home is an exciting time. Being prepared is essential. Below is a comprehensive list of items I recommend.

Puppy Essentials:

Food - Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy.

Training Treats - Freeze dried or simple ingredient treats are healthiest.

Crate - I recommend MidWest Ultima Pro 37x23x25 - larger is ok too.

Crate Mat

Food & Water Dish - Our dogs use the YETI Boomer Dog Bowls

Leash - I recommend LoneWolf Leads


ID Tag

Chew Toys - Kong, Nylabone, Split Anter, Hooves, etc.

Hard & Soft Toys - a variety of textures, sizes, sounds. Soft plush toys, balls, rope toys,etc.

Carpet Cleaner - Nature's Miracle

Nail Trimmers or Dremel

Other items you might consider:

Fit Bark GPS


Dog Gate

Crate for your vehicle

Recommended Training:

Puppy Culture/Madcap University - With Open Arms and a Level Head: How to bring a

Puppy into your life - Lifetime Access

From Transporting your puppy home through crate and house training, this course will

give you a solid plan for bringing a new puppy into your life!

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