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FitBark GPS: A Must Have for Every Dog!

I had been searching for a GPS for my dogs for a while. I am picky, I wanted a good one, but always ran into an issue finding exactly what I wanted. That was until I found the FitBark GPS!

I needed something that kept a charge for more than a few days. Something that charged quickly. A GPS that attached to their existing collar. Most importantly I needed a GPS that would track accurately and in a timely manner in my rural community where cell service was sometimes sketchy.

Built In Reliable GPS Tracker

I found the FitBark GPS and was instantly intrigued and after a few short days, I fell totally in love with it and bought one for each dog. It works on the newer Verizon M network, regardless of the cell carrier that your smartphone works off of. It allows you to set a home boundary. It will alert you if your dog leaves its home boundary. Upon notification, via the app, you can track your pet in real-time via a Google Map like experience

Furthermore it keeps a change for for about 20 days! When it does require charging, the app alerts you. It takes approximately 2 hours to completely charge.

GREAT Tracking Ability via Any Smartphone

Ultimately one of the best features of the FitBark GPS is the ability to track and monitor your dog from any smartphone! If the kids walk one of the dogs, I can pinpoint exactly where they are. If a pup were to get out of the yard (hopefully that never happens) it will alert me that she left her safe zone and allow me to track her, even giving me Lat/Long coordinates. When I go out of town and leave my house sitter in charge, I can track my dogs activity level, and see when they go on a walk, and monitor their activity level all from my smartphone!

Your Dogs Health Matters! Track Activity Patterns, Montor Sleep Patterns, Activity Patterns and more!

Additionally, the FitBark GPS has an excellent activity tracker! It tracks daily activity and sleep time. It allows you to set activity goals too. I love that it will remind me if one of my pup is behind on activity for the day, if that happens we go on a walk or a outside to play ball. The activity of your pet can be shared with other family members and even your veterinarian which may help diagnose illness if your pups sleep and play activity suddenly change.

The FitBark app will work on any smartphone and also integrated with a FitBit or Apple Watch.

Great Features of the FitBit GPS are:

  • Its waterproof

  • Only needs to be charged every 15-20 days

  • Its the smallest and lightest GPS Tracker on the market

  • It will fit any size dog

  • It allows progress monitoring on FitBit, Apple Watch, Health Kit, and Google Fit devices

  • The GPS Feature works anywhere in the United States

Shop for your pup’s FitBark GPS by clicking the link below:

Disclaimer: We are a FitBark Affiliate. When you click through the above link we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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