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 Bubbles and Astro's Litter - Due October 1, 2018 

SHR Walkabout's Shoot for the Stars at Albrecht Farms aka "Astro"


AKC # SR74731301

OFA Hips - Good - LR-222605G46M-VPI

OFA Elbows - Normal - LR-EL74457M46-VPI

CAER (Eyes) - Normal - 2017

EIC - Unaffected

CMN - Clear

PRA - Clear

Dilute - Clear

3 of 4 passes toward his AKC Junior Hunt Test Title

Astro has earned his UKC SHR Title

A Gem of Pachanga's at Albrecht Farms

aka "Bubbles"

AKC # SR83701104

OFA Hips - Excellent - LR-228149E35F-VPI

OFA Elbows - Normal - LR-EL79203F35-VPI

CAER (Eyes) - Normal - 2017

EIC - Clear

CMN - Clear

PRA - Clear

1 pass toward her UKC SHR Title

Puppies from Bubbles and Astro's Previous Litter


Green Boy

H. Boyles

Ossie aka

Navy Boy

Yellow Boy

B. Klemoff

Blue Boy

B. Warrington

Camo Boy

D. Watts

"Nova" aka Red Boy

J. Healey


Orange/Yellow Boy

C. Horn

"Moose" aka Orange

M & R Bruck 

"Bohdi" aka Red Girl



aka Chocolate Girl

K. Koolpe


aka Pink Girl 


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